Friday, Feb. 20 – EggCamper Chick left the EggCamper at Home This Trip

I decided I wanted to get some sun and get away during the quiet time at work.  I decided to go to Disney World.  I did visit two of the Disney parks in 2012 when I brought my nephews to Orlando but that trip was definitely focused on choices for them.

In 2009 I spent the first week of December visiting Disney World.  I had visited all of the four parks previously but that was the first time I stayed “on property” as they call it.

Orlando is tourist mecca.  WDW (Walt Disney World) is the big dog with 25,000 acres.  There are approximately 26 hotels with 30,000 rooms “on property” as well as a campground.  There are four theme parks, two water parks, four golf courses, movies theatre, bowling alley, four story arcade and hundreds of dining and shopping options.  WDW wants you to come to WDW property and not leave until it is time for you to fly or drive home.  They will pick you up from the airport 24 hours a day by bus (for free), drive you to your hotel and then there is a very elaborate bus, boat and monorail system to get from place to place while you are visiting and then they will bus you back to the airport three hours before your return flight (again for free).  In other words, they are doing everything they can to get you to spend your tourist dollars at WDW.

In Orlando there are two Universal theme parks, SeaWorld, Lego World, massive amounts of shopping, dining and many, many other tourist destinations.  Kennedy Space Center is an hour away as well as you can reach many beach options one hour to the east or one hour to the west.

So I arrived at the airport at 2:00pm for my 3:20pm departure.  We took off at 3:30pm with a full flight (of course) and arrived in Dallas at 4:45pm.  Here are a few photos from the flight and Dallas Love Field terminal.

P1050102 (1280x854) P1050109 (1280x720) P1050113 (1280x720) P1050117 (1280x720) P1050119 (1280x720) P1050120 (1280x720)

Departed from Dallas at 6:50pm (again a completely full flight) for Orlando.  Arrived at 10:00pm (eastern time).  I rode the train to the baggage terminal, collected my bags, rented my vehicle and drove a few miles to the Sleep Inn where I am staying for one night.  I reached my room at 11:30pm.

P1050121 (1280x720) P1050122 (1280x720)

It was chilly but not that bad.  I think it was in the 40’s.  The night before Orlando it was 33 degrees.

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