Thursday, Feb 26, 2015 – Animal Kingdom

Today I visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the smallest of the four WDW theme parks.   Currently there are no parades or evening entertainment at Animal Kingdom and fewer rides and shows.  Animal Kingdom has a lot of construction going on right now as they are working on a night time show that will open some time next year.

P1050836 (1280x720)

I arrived about 11:30am.  I started with the Kilimanjaro Safari Ride.  We saw quite a few animals.

P1050729 (1280x720) P1050733 (1280x720) P1050748 (1280x720) P1050758 (1280x720) P1050766 (1280x720) P1050781 (1280x720) P1050782 (1280x720) P1050784 (1280x720)

I went to It’s Tough to be a Bug, Flights of Wonder and the great Festival of the Lion King show as well as walked down various wildlife trails.  It was overcast all day with a high of 69 today.  Still a great day.

I left Animal Kingdom about 4:30pm and drove off property to stop at a few stores and see what has changed in three years.  I stopped at Panera Bread for a salad to take back to the hotel to eat in peace and quiet.  I was back in my room about 7:30pm.

Here are more pictures from my day:

P1050792 (1280x720) P1050796 (1280x720) P1050803 (1280x720) P1050807 (1280x720) P1050812 (1280x720) P1050824 (1280x720) P1050825 (1280x720) P1050830 (1280x720) P1050832 (1280x720) P1050834 (1280x720) P1050835 (1280x720)


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