Friday, Feb 27, 2015 – Last Day of Fun

I arrived at Magic Kingdom about 12:30.  I took the monorail to the Contemporary Resort to have lunch.  I went into Magic Kingdom about 2:00pm.  I wanted to see the Festival of Fantasy parade that I missed on Tuesday due to rain cancellation.  The weather today was much colder.  The high was 57 and there was wind blowing today.  I had on a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt, a very heavy jacket, a scarf and leather gloves and I was very comfortable.

P1050854 (1280x720) P1050856 (1280x720) P1050864 (1280x720) P1050869 (1280x720) P1050878 (1280x720) P1050880 (1280x720) P1050891 (1280x720) P1050906 (1280x720) P1050919 (1280x720) P1050928 (1280x720) P1050931 (1280x720) P1050938 (1280x720) P1050939 (1280x720)

About 3:30pm I left Magic Kingdom and took the monorail over to Epcot.  I walked around World Showcase and then took a friendship boat from Epcot to Boardwalk Inn and Yacht/Beach Club to check out those resorts.  After returning from there I went to Canada and watched the 15 minute film.  I had some dinner and then road Spaceship Earth.  It is the ride in the giant golf ball looking thing.

P1050954 (1280x720) P1050955 (1280x720) P1050962 (1280x720) P1050965 (1280x720) P1050969 (1280x720) P1050997 (1280x720) P1060005 (1280x720) P1060006 (1280x720) P1060008 (1280x720) P1060018 (1280x720) P1060026 (1280x720) P1060027 (1280x720) P1060036 (1280x720) P1060039 (1280x720) P1060041 (1280x720) P1060049 (1280x720) P1060050 (1280x720) P1060051 (1280x720) P1060052 (1280x720) P1060058 (1280x720) P1060075 (1280x720)

I took the monorail back to Magic Kingdom and arrived about 9:00pm.  I watched Celebrate the Magic and Wishes again from another view.

P1060082 (1280x720) P1060104 (1280x720) P1060117 (1280x720) P1060127 (1280x720) P1060139 (1280x720) P1060142 (1280x720) P1060143 (1280x720) P1060148 (1280x720)

I left Magic Kingdom about 11:00pm and it was 11:50pm when I reached my room.  I am going home tomorrow and need to be at the airport about 10:00am.

Here are links to amateur videos on YouTube that people have taken of the various programs/parades if anyone wants to view the entire event.  Make sure you turn on your sound and in Wishes watch for the flying Tinkerbell that comes out of the castle.  It is a real person on a wire.

Wishes – (12 minutes) –

Celebrate the Magic – (12 minutes) –

Illuminations – (15 minutes) –

Main Street Electrical Night Parade (17 minutes) –

Fantasmic – (30 minutes) –

Festival of Fantasy Parade – (20 minutes) –


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