Saturday, Feb 28, 2015 – Time to go home

Arrived at the airport about 10:30am, turned in my rental van, had my favorite Chick – Fil – A chicken sandwich and we took off at 1:00pm.  It was gently raining in Orlando.

P1060155 (1280x720)

Arrived in Atlanta about 2:15pm to sunshine.  Left on the next flight about 4:00pm.

P1060159 (1280x720)

Arrived in Kansas City about 5:15pm (Central Time) to snow on the ground, snow flurries, wind and 25 degrees (Yuck).  Unfortunately my checked bag did not arrive with me.  I am hopeful it will arrive and be delivered to me.

P1060167 (1280x720)

So…my goal was to get away, have some fun and get some sun.  I accomplished all of that.  I was gone nine days but I don’t really count travel days as part of the vacation.  Six of the seven days it was between 73 and 84 degrees and 57 on the seventh.  At home, four of the seven days it was never above 25 degrees.  All four of my flights were full flights (as usual these days) but they all arrived on time and without any problems.

I was very happy with my room, very quiet with a view of the lovely little lake and parking was convenient.  I believe my room was $105 per night staying at a “value” level resort during a promotional sale at a slow time of year.  This is about as cheap as it gets at WDW.  They do have a campground here with 799 sites that start at $95 per night.  The “moderate” and “deluxe”  resorts during a sale start at $167 per night and go up to $1200 per night.  The same value room I paid $105 per night will be $201 per night for the week between Christmas and New Years.  I was also much happier having my own rental vehicle instead of riding the WDW bus system.

I hope to make several journeys out this year in the EggCamper.  I have reservations for Custer State Park in South Dakota in May.  I have not made any other reservations yet.

Thanks for following along!

1 thought on “Saturday, Feb 28, 2015 – Time to go home

  1. Glad to hear that you made it home safely. We had snow and sleet on Saturday. Several of my neighbors have told me that they enjoyed your reports of your travels.

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