#141 – Saturday, May 23, 2015 – On The Road Again!

First EggCamper trip of 2015!  I left home at 8:45am this morning.  I drove about 500 miles making three stops along the way.  Arrived at Mitchell, SD about 6:45pm.  I am staying overnight at the R & R Campground.  It is fine for a one night stop.  Full hookups and cable.  I have no cell service here so my hot spot does not work either.

The public wifi in the campground is not very strong.  I only have two bars so I hope I get this posted.  Weather was lovely today.  In the 60’s and overcast all day.  It is 61 degrees here at 10:00pm.

I spent the evening getting everything back in place in the trailer.  I generally drive 60 mph when towing.  The interstate in South Dakota is 80 mph so everyone passes you.  On the highway I got between 18 & 19 mpg.

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