Tuesday, May 26, 2015 – Rain, Tunnels, Bison

I left the campground about 10:30am. I drove the Needles Highway Scenic Drive. You go thru a couple of very skinny tunnels and to the Sylvan Lake area. The first tunnel I went thru was nine feet wide. The second one was eight feet, four inches wide.

IMG_4154 (1280x834)

P1060442 (1280x720) P1060445 (1280x720) P1060435 (1280x720) IMG_4128 (1280x853) IMG_4141 (1280x853)

Overcast and some light rain. I drove into Custer for lunch and made a couple of stops as well as went to the public library for some free wifi.   It started raining even harder while I was in the library. I decided to drive in to Rapid City. I made a few stops in Rapid City, stopped for dinner at Pizza Ranch and then drove back to the park and took the Wildlife Loop Scenic Drive back to the campground. I reached the campground about 8:00pm.

P1060486 (1280x720) P1060483 (1280x720) P1060460 (1280x720) P1060456 (1280x720) IMG_4144 (1280x853) IMG_4204 (1280x853) IMG_4165 (1280x853) IMG_4158 (1280x853) IMG_4135 (1280x853) IMG_4118 (1280x853) IMG_4085 (1280x853) IMG_4083 (1280x853)

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