Wednesday, May 27, 2015 – More Rain, More Tunnels, Hail & a Movie

Weather continues to be cool and rainy here.  Weather called for showers in the afternoon so I decided to drive Iron Mountain Road in the morning before the rain.

Iron Mountain Road has 17 MILES, 314 CURVES, 14 SWITCHBACKS, 3 PIGTAILS, 3 TUNNELS, 4 PRESIDENTS and 2 SPLITS.  Of course, it started raining before afternoon while I was still on the road.  It even decided to hail!

IMG_4231 (1280x853) P1060491 (1280x720) P1060495 (716x1280) P1060501 (1280x720) P1060507 (1280x720) P1060513 (1280x720) P1060517 (1280x720)

Did you see the presidents in view from the tunnels?

Do you know which presidents are on Mt. Rushmore?

I drove into the town of Keystone and stopped for lunch.  While waiting for my lunch it started pouring rain and then hailed for five minutes or so.  While in Keystone I found the public library and made use of their free wifi.  At this point I decided to drive on in to Rapid City and go to a movie.  I went to see “The Longest Ride”.  It was pretty good.

I drove by Mt. Rushmore on my way into Rapid City.  I did not stop as I took the boys to Mt. Rushmore five years ago on Memorial Day and we looked at all the exhibits, walked the trail, ate at the restaurant and stayed for the evening show so I feel like I have seen it all.  I did stop for a few photos.

IMG_4244 (1280x853) IMG_4247 (1280x853) IMG_4251 (1280x853) IMG_4258 (1280x853)

Below are a few photos from the 2010 trip I took with my nephews.  They were 10 and 12 years old at the time.  It was a great trip.  Now the oldest one will start college in the fall and the youngest will get his driver’s license in a few weeks.

South Dakota Road Trip 034 (1280x853) South Dakota Road Trip 061 (1280x853) South Dakota Road Trip 062 (1280x853) South Dakota Road Trip 100 South Dakota Road Trip 083 (853x1280)


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