Friday, May 29, 2015 – Moving On, Devil’s Tower, Spearfish Canyon, Deadwood

I left Custer State Park about 9:00am. Traveled to Devil’s Tower National Monument in Wyoming. 122 miles.

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P1060540 (1280x720)

P1060569 (1280x720) P1060566 (1280x720) IMG_4290 (1280x853) IMG_4303 (1280x853)

Look very close in the center of the picture above and then look at the picture below….there were at least five climbers while I was there.


IMG_4315 (853x1280)

P1060576 (1280x720)

Drove thru rain and fog with temperatures in the 40’s. Walked the 1.3 trail that goes around the tower. Rain had stopped and sun was actually shining. I left Devil’s Tower about 3:00pm. Temperature was 61 degrees. Drove an hour to Spearfish, SD. Checked into Chris’ Camp and RV Park. I have cable and wifi again!   Still no cell service.   Dropped the trailer and drove to Spearfish Canyon. Lovely drive in the sunshine. I saw two beautiful waterfalls.

P1060603 (1280x720) P1060592 (1280x720)

Continued on to Deadwood. Basically a small town with with about 25 small casinos. Many of them are slot machine only. I wandered around and into some shops and casinos. I had a snack and then spent $15 in one of the casinos and headed back to Spearfish (20 min drive).

P1060612 (1280x720) P1060611 (1280x720)

I was back at the camper about 8:00pm.

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