Thursday, May 28, 2015 – Taking it easy

Overcast and rain continues.  I drove into Custer in the afternoon.  I visited the library for wifi and it poured down rain while I was there.  I did stop to eat dinner before leaving Custer.  I stopped at a local restaurant called Pizza Mill.  They had about six tables. They had a very limited menu but a customer in line recommended the special of the day.  It was a BBQ brisket sandwich and fries.  It was one of the best brisket sandwiches I have ever had and the fries were fabulous!

Here are a few photos of my day…..look at the birds sitting on the buffalo…they took a ride as the buffalo crossed the road in front of my car.

The second picture was taken as I was driving into Custer along the side of the highway.

The third picture is a sign on the side of the horse stable just below the campground I am staying in.  You can take trail rides.

IMG_4267 (1280x853) IMG_4270 (1280x853) IMG_4277 (1280x853)

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