Sunday, May 31, 2015 – Safely Home

Custer State Park 2015I left the campground about 9:30am and drove home the last 306 miles.  The weather was the nicest of the entire trip.  It was warm enough for me to eat my lunch on the patio in the sun at Firehouse Subs.  I arrived home about 6:00pm, unloaded the trailer and then took it back to its home space aka Mom & Dad’s driveway.

It was good to get away.  The weather was definitely a downer but I still enjoyed South Dakota.  I drove 2280 miles but only had the trailer hitched about 1820 miles.

I have now owned the trailer for 3 years.  I have now spent a total of 148 nights in 25 states in the trailer and towed it almost 21,000 miles.  I hope to get in some weekend trips this summer and then another week long trip in the fall.  I don’t have any idea yet where that might be.


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