Friday, Sept. 11, 2015 – Stockton Lake

I have been working almost seven days a week for some time so I decided to take a couple days off for some down time and the only way that happens is if I leave town.

So I hooked up the EggCamper and left home this morning. I stopped at a few places along the journey and arrived at Stockton Lake – Crabtree Cove Campground about 4:00pm. I am in site A3. The site is very wide which is nice. The down side is the “water view” that has too many trees in the way.

P1060684 (1280x720) P1060678 (1280x720)

My antenna is picking up three channels. The bad thing is no Sprint cell service which also means my hotspot does not work!

When I arrived I did not have any neighbors very close but as the evening progressed more people have arrived.

I set up my site then drove around checking out the views and so forth. The weather temperature was great today in the mid 70’s but it was pretty windy. The town of Stockton is very small with a population of 1819. There is a nice grocery store, a Dollar General and few other small businesses. Dining options are pretty limited.

P1060691 (1280x720) P1060696 (1280x720) P1060699 (1280x720) P1060724 (1280x720)

About 5:30 I stopped at Boat Yard BBQ for some dinner. I had a BBQ brisket dinner that was excellent. Service was not as good but what was truly interesting is the bill. The waitress brought the bill and I handed her my credit card and she left with it and brought back the receipt to sign. My bill was $12.88 but because I paid with a card I had to pay $13.40. That is the first time I have ever seen surcharging in a restaurant. That is a 4% markup.

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