Friday, Oct 16, 2015 – On The Road Again

I finished loading up early this morning and all was great until I noticed that the window on my car on the driver’s side was not going all the way up.  I had experienced some trouble with it over the last few months but it had always gone back up.  So… plan was to leave work early and head for Joplin for a couple of stops and then overnight there. I called the Toyota dealership in Joplin and made an appointment for them to work on it at 2:00pm this afternoon.

I left work about 11:30. I will say it was a beautiful day to have to drive a distance with your window partially down.  No snow, rain or cold.  Just sunshine and mid 60 degree weather.  The wind was pushing me south so gas mileage was good today.  I arrived at Toyota about 1:45pm.  I had to find a space big enough on the lot to unhitch my trailer and leave it while they worked on the car.  That is not too easy…..have you ever seen many empty spots at a car dealership.   There was a recall on the car that I had not had time to get done so they asked if they could fix that while someone was working on the window.  I camped out in the trailer while they worked on the car.  So the recall was fixed and they put new clips in the window panel to fix it.

I hitched back up and visited a couple of stores, stopped for a pedicure and then headed for Downstream Casino.  I drove about 115 miles today and arrived at Downstream Casino RV Park about 6:30pm.  It is basically a nice parking lot with rows of electric and water hookups.



I called for the shuttle and they whisked me to the casino.  I joined the Q Club (free) and received a free night at the RV Park, $10 in slot play and a $10 food credit.  I purchased a sandwich then checked out a few slot machines.  The first one I tried was called “Hot Flashes”.  One of the better ones was called “Thundering Herd” and had a huge picture of a buffalo and when you hit various spins the chair you were sitting in vibrated like a herd was going by.  So I dropped my $20 into slot machines I allowed myself and then had the shuttle whisk me back to my trailer.

My antenna picked up 4 channels here.  It was pretty quiet, only about five trailers in the park.  I did find out that they have two RV parks.  One is at the very back of the parking lot for the casino.  The shuttle driver said I was in the quieter park.

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