Saturday, Oct 17, 2015 – Look out Texas, Here I Come

I hitched up this morning,  49 degrees.  I had parked at the end of a row next to a small grassy area…..well….while I was hitching up with the car door open the sprinklers came on and guess what happened…..

After hitching up I drove over to the casino and parked.  I went in to the Buffalo Grille for the breakfast buffet.  It was pretty good and I used my $10 food credit so it cost me $2 for tax and tip.


I left the casino about 10:00am.  I stopped for gas and a drink at the travel stop on I-44 that is across the lanes of traffic.  There is a McDonald’s on the second floor at one end and a Subway at the other.  There was a convenience store on the bottom.  I purchased a drink.  They only had Med and Large.  The Medium was 32 oz.  What does that say about America when a 32 oz. drink is labeled as a Medium?

It was a lovely, sunny day for the drive.  I will say that 69 South is in very bad condition, it was a rough ride.  I went thru Dallas at 4:30.  Traffic and highways are unbelievable in Dallas.  For thirty minutes I was in city traffic.  It started with four lanes on each side then went to five lanes each way and finally six lanes each way.  I heard on the radio that Taylor Swift was in town giving a concert downtown tonight and that is why the traffic was so heavy on a Saturday afternoon.

I continued on and stopped in Corsicana TX for the night.  I stopped and picked up dinner on the way to the RV park.  They have a regional fast food chain here called “Golden Chick”.  Well of course I must visit anything with that name.  The service was no so good, the chicken was pretty good and the mashed potatoes were terrible.  I arrived at the RV park about 6:30pm.  It was 79 degrees.


I am at American RV Park in Corsicana tonight.  It is pretty basic and not very quiet.  I would probably not choose to stay here again.  I drove about 400 miles today.

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