Sunday, Oct. 18, 2015 – Traffic!!! Galveston!

I left Corsicana about 10:00am this morning.  It was nice, sunny and warm today.

Yesterday I had seen hilarious signs advertising a convenience store called Buc-ees.  I stopped at Buc-ees about noon.  It was amazing!  They had over 60 gas pumps and none of them are for semis.  It is a gigantic convenience store with gifts, hot food, deli, fresh barbecue sandwiches, fresh potato chips, fresh roasted nuts, fudge and on and on.  There were probably 400 cars at this place and people were buying like crazy.  They have their own line of food products as well.  They had quite a beef jerky case.  One of the products I saw was pickled quail eggs.





After that fun stop I motored on.  Then I hit Houston…wow….the traffic on a Sunday afternoon!!….it was worse than Dallas was yesterday.  I got to test out the trailer brakes a couple of times!   The EggCamper performed like a champion.

Galveston Texas Map

I survived the traffic and arrived in Galveston and found my RV Park about 3:30pm or so.  I am at the Dellanera RV Park for six nights.  This park is owned by the City of Galveston.  It has 65 sites with 21 of them oceanfront.  I called for a reservation several months in advance but all the oceanfront were already taken.

I am in site 13 which I love.  It is at the end of the back row.  It feels very private with no one on the door side.  I have a little pond right next to me.




The picture above shows my view while standing on the picnic table.  You can see the waves on the gulf.

After setting up and checking out the park, I drove down the main road along the gulf.

I stopped for a salad to take back to the trailer.  I ate it while watching the sunset.

P1060847 P1060861

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