Monday, Oct 19, 2015 – Perfect Day

The weather was lovely today.  Sunny and mid-high 70’s.  It was a little windy today and the forecast calls for the wind to pick up over the next few days.

I had lunch while watching the waves roll in,


After lunch, I visited Moody Gardens.   It is a highly rated attraction but I would not go again.  I thought it was over priced for what you saw.



At 1:00pm I went on the Galveston City Tour.  You ride in an electric cart.  It is like a long golf cart.  The guide was very informative.  He did not have much personality but it was definitely worth the price and I would recommend it.   We saw many interesting things.  One of the Carnival cruise ships was in port waiting to set sail this evening.  We saw a Del Monte ship that brings bananas from Costa Rica every Monday.  They are then shipped across the country to grocery stores.  I want to tour one of the historical homes that we saw.

After the tour, I wandered around downtown visiting shops.  It feels almost like New Orleans.

I stopped for gas,  How many places can you fill up your car while watching the waves roll in.


I picked up something for dinner and took back to the trailer.

I walked on the beach before eating my dinner.  I enjoyed the sunset while eating.

P1060918 P1060919 P1060920


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