Tuesday, Oct 20, 2015 – Overcast & Showers All Day

Well I woke up to overcast, cloudy skies that quickly turned into showers.  So I changed my plan to shopping.  Showers continued so about 2:30 I decided to see a movie.  There is one theatre on the island.  I decided to see “The Intern”.  I got very wet going from the trailer to the movie theatre.  When I went to buy my ticket, the girl said the projector was broken for “The Intern”.  She suggested “Sicario”.  It was a movie about FBI and the war on drugs in Mexico.  It was interesting, sad and very bloody.

I stopped for a sandwich for dinner and then went back to the trailer and walked on the beach for little while….it finally stopped raining while I was in the movie.   It is still very windy.

I think it is very cool that the gulf is right up against the road.  You can drive for seven miles with the gulf to your side.  I stopped and took a few pictures this morning.  The water was much choppier today.

P1060987 P1060977 P1060982

P1060989 P1070001

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