Thursday, Oct 22, 2015 – Fancy House & Stinky Thrift Store

Warm, windy, humid and overcast today.  The humidity is so high that I had to turn on my air conditioner Tuesday night and leave it on.  I miss having the door and windows open.

I had lunch at The Star Drug Store.  It is not really a drug store anymore.  It is mostly a diner with some gift items for sale.  It has the old fashioned u-shaped lunch counter.  They prepare all the food in front of you.  I had a very tasty Patty Melt.


One thing I have noticed here…..Laundromats are called “Washaterias”.  Apparently that is a Texas thing.

I stopped at a couple of thrift stores after lunch.

Then I went to “Bishop’s Palace” for a tour.  The house is a 19,000 square foot home that was built between 1887 and 1893 for $250,000 for a wealthy business man and his family (seven children).  I enjoyed the tour.

P1070072 P1070074 P1070075 P1070082

After the tour I stopped at a couple more thrift stores.  One of them was terrible – When I opened the door I was met by three dogs.  One of them immediately licked my toe..Yuck!  and the store smelled like wet dog!  I lasted about one minute in the store.

I ended my afternoon walking along the seawall and beach.  Here are some photos:

P1070085 P1070093 P1070096 P1070112

I was not very hungry so I stopped by Kroger and picked up some fruit for dinner.  It was a very nice store but it had the one problem I find unacceptable……it smelled fishy…yes I know that fish/seafood counters are fishy but some stores manage to have seafood counters and not have the store smell fishy, so all the rest of the stores could do it as well.

They were supposed to have a sailing regatta that started here tonight but it was cancelled due to weather conditions.  All week, every weather forecast is discussing the front that is coming in over the weekend.  I am leaving Saturday morning and hope to get ahead of the rain.  They are forecasting seven inches of rain for Galveston to come in on Saturday night and Sunday.

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