Friday, Oct 23, 2015 – Hanging Out

Very warm, very humid and very overcast today.  I drove over Pelican Causeway to Pelican Island to Seawolf Park.  The strange thing is…I only saw two pelicans!  I did see a few dolphin and I saw hundreds of people fishing.  The odd thing is 90% of them were Asian.  I have not really seen an overabundance of Asian people on the island but I saw many of them today.

IMG_4588 IMG_4605 IMG_4606 IMG_4607


I drove to East Beach and Stewart Beach.  Check out the picture below…Free Parking…P1070119

I walked along the seawall and out on one of the piers.  You could tell if was Friday….the number of tourists was much higher today.  There were also news vans from three different Houston news channels parked along the seawall this afternoon.  I heard one of them interviewing a woman asking her what she was going to be doing in Galveston this weekend with the weather that was expected.  Many surfers were out as well taking advantage of the higher than normal waves.

P1070127 P1070128 P1070129 P1070131 P1070135 P1070140

I stopped and picked up some RainX to put on my window.  I hope it will help if/when I hit rain tomorrow.  I hitched up the trailer to get a head start for tomorrow.  One of the other campers stopped by while I was hitching up and asked me if I was heading for higher ground.  He said that they were here for two weeks and had asked about leaving early due to the expected storm and were told that they would not refund their money so they have decided to stick it out.

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