#159 – Saturday, Oct 24, 2015 – Showers, Traffic & Big Detour

I pulled out of my site in Galveston this morning at 8:20am and before I got out of the parking lot it started showering.  Most of the first half of the day I drove in showers.  I stopped at Buc-ees for a gas and sandwich for lunch and shortly after Madisonville, all traffic on I-45 was detoured to the west.  I was lost and just followed the other traffic.  We went thru a bunch of small towns and ended up on the southwest part of Dallas.

Traffic was just as bad in Houston and Dallas as the trip down.  Many slow downs for wrecks.  Last Saturday night I overnighted in Corsicana, TX.  That town rec’d almost 20 inches of rain overnight and thru the day.  That was the section of I-45 that was flooded.

My expectation for the drive today was about 7-8 hours.  Instead with the delays and detour it took almost 10 hours. I am just happy to arrive safe and sound.  I was able to stay ahead of the major rains today.

I am staying at the KOA Choctaw RV Park, Durant, OK tonight.  There were not a lot of choices along this stretch that looked acceptable to me.  This KOA is next door to the Choctaw Casino.  In case you have not noticed, I like staying in RV parks at casinos.  Many time they are pretty inexpensive, they usually have great security and they generally have a shuttle that will take you to the casino where I have a choice of dinner options and a little entertainment.  Because this park is KOA it is $50 for the night.  That is more than I like to pay, especially for an overnight but with the flooding I wanted to be somewhere with no challenges.

I checked in at 6:00pm, put on some cool weather clothing and called for the shuttle.  I had seen on the Casino’s website that one of their restaurants was a Smashburger.  I had eaten at one before and wanted to eat there.  I had a 1/2 sandwich a few chips for lunch and no snacks all day anticipating Smashburger.

So the shuttle dropped me off at the casino.  This casino is considerably larger than Downstream at Joplin.  It took me a while to find Smashburger.  I finally find it and get in line and wait several minutes to get to the front only to be told that the wait for orders was 25-30 minutes.  This is basically a fast-food restaurant.  You order at the counter, they give you a number and then bring your food to the table.  Well I ordered my burger and haystack onions (skinny, delicious onion rings) and then wondered around the casino for 15 minutes and went back to wait for my dinner.  It was very delicious once I got it.

After eating, I played a few slot machines.  One of the was called “Get Eggcited”.  It was pretty cute.  So my $20 lasted about 30 minutes and then I got back on the shuttle and went back to the RV Park.  The shuttle driver even waited until I got my door unlocked and inside before leaving.  I am not too worried here.  When people are paying $50 per night, you mostly see very, very nice rigs.

Pictures from today:

Below is a picture of metal art items for sale at Buc-ees.  The van in the front was $655.00.  I think the cheapest I saw of any of them was $189.00.

P1070156 P1070161 P1070165

When I was going thru the RV Park to my site tonight I spotted this RPOD trailer.  Wow!  They must get a lot of attention everywhere they go.

P1070166 P1070167

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