Wednesday, March 23, 2016 – On the Road Again

So last night I threw everything in the Egg and this morning I left home at 8:30am.  It was windy when I left home, it was windy all day and as I type this the winds are still blowing.  The news said they are about 25 mph but there are some stronger gusts.

I stopped in Springfield about 10:30 this morning to stop at two thrift stores I follow on Facebook.  Before leaving Springfield I stopped at Chick-Fil-A.  Not only do I love that chicken sandwich, but I love their customer service and organization.  They had two drive thru lanes with fifteen cars in each lane.  They had employees with Ipads outside taking orders in the lanes to speed things along.  Inside they were full but had two employees working the dining area cleaning, refilling drinks, delivering food.  The manager in a long sleeve dress shirt and tie was taking orders and delivering food.  All the employees are so nice and polite as well as speedy.

I drove on to Nixa and stopped at another thrift store.  It is interesting how different each thrift store was.  Stopped for gas, $1.72 per gallon and left Nixa at 1:00pm.

Continued on and stopped in Conway, AR at Panera Bread for a salad to have later for dinner.

Arrived at Downtown Riverside RV Park in North Little Rock, AR.  This is a city owned RV park with 61 sites directly on the bank of the Arkansas River.  The Clinton Presidential Bridge is next to the RV park and you can walk across the bridge to the Clinton Presidential Library.  I have not seen any boats on the river.  There are several bridges in this area.  They have colored lights on them at night.  Apparently they change the colors for various season, events, etc.  Tonight they are all green.

It is still about 70 degrees outside.





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