Thursday, March 24, 2016 – Crossing Mississippi

Last night I left my curtains open to enjoy the lights on the bridge and at 10:00pm the lights suddenly started changing.  I quickly ran outside to take some pictures.  It did not last long.




It rained in the night.  I was late leaving this morning and then my neighbors came over and wanted to chat and see the trailer.  I left Little Rock at 10:10am this morning.  Yesterday I drove 332 miles.  Today I drove about 425 miles.  I arrived at Boomtown Casino RV Park in Biloxi, MS at about 8:00pm.  I had to check in at players services inside the casino so I played just a few minutes of slots and left with $10 more than I went in with.

I was amused today at one of my gas stops.  I went inside the convenience store to get a Dr Pepper and on their snack area (hot dogs, nachos, etc) they had two large pots that you normally see at buffets with chili or soup in them.  They had boiled peanuts in theirs.  You know you are in the south when they are selling boiled peanuts.

I also stopped at a Mississippi welcome center to get a map and use the restroom and it was very unique.







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