Thursday, March 31, 2016 -Getting out of town while the getting is good

I woke up Thursday morning, took a shower, had breakfast and watched GMA.  The local news was predicting substantial rain over the next 48 hours, thunderstorms and we were already under a tornado watch.

I was scheduled to leave Friday morning and work my way home through Memphis.  So I considered all the information:

  1.  It was going to start raining by noon and continue for 48 hours.
  2.  I am scheduled to leave the next day.
  3.  I remembered driving through the water over the park roads and I did not like the thought of driving through water pulling the Eggcamper.

So,  I decided to pull out a day early and try to avoid the ugly weather front coming in.  I packed up.  It was already 77 degrees and 100% humidity by the time I pulled out of the campground at 11:00am.

I decided to just start driving west and see how the weather was.  I only had a few sprinkles most of the time.  Originally I wanted to go through Memphis on the way home but the weather front looked pretty ugly that way as well.

I drove about 325 miles and ended up at River Town Campground in Vicksburg, MS for the night.  I thought I was going to make it without significant weather but about 30 miles from Vicksburg I hit substantial rain.  I was about ready to pull off for awhile when it finally let up.

Through most of Mississippi I had limited or no cell service.



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