#174 – Saturday, June 18, 2016 – Much Better Weather

Friday evening there was fog on top of the lake due to the extreme warm air temperature versus the cooler lake temperature.


Lake Taneycomo



Here are some photos that show how small my RV site is..



The weather today was much better.  I think it hit 90 or so.  I hit some downtown shops this morning then continued on down 76 strip stopping at various stores along the way.

At 2:00pm I went to see “Rockapella” at the Andy Williams theatre.  I stopped at the half-price ticket place and purchased the ticket for $19.00 before going.

They are a group of five guys that call themselves contemporary a cappella.  Four of the guys sing and one is called a “vocal percussionist”.  He makes sounds like instruments.  They were pretty good.  I thought the sound on the percussionist was a little loud and covered up the singing more than I would have liked.

This theatre is pretty large by Branson standards and there may have been 100 people in the audience.  When I went to get my seat assignment about 25 minutes before show time, the ticket agent said I could be on the front row.  I declined and she gave me a seat in the 4th row.  When I saw how deserted the place was I relocated back a few rows.  Several people chose to spread out and up.

After the show I continued shopping until 6:30 or so.  I went back  to the trailer, hitched up to get ready for tomorrow, put on my new shoes and walked to the Landing.  I did check the distance today.  It is 4/10 of a mile from the RV park to Bass Pro (most southern business at the Landing).


This weekend is the 10th anniversary of the Branson Landing.  Tonight they had a concert.  A local group performed first and then at 8:30 Trey O’Dell (contestant on the Voice) performed.  At 10:00pm in honor of their 10th anniversary, they had 10 minutes of fireworks.


Branson Landing



I walked back from the concert area to the RV park after the fireworks.  About 1/2 mile or so.  The weather was delightful.

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