Sunday, June 19, 2016 -Rolling on home

I packed up and left the RV park at 9:45am.  I drove down 76 highway, stopped for a couple of photos and then went to McFarlain’s.


It’s a Giant Chicken!!!!



It’s a Giant Meatball, Tomato, Pasta and Fork!

At 11:00am I watched an IMAX 3-D film at McFarlain’s featuring our National Parks.  It was 40 minutes long and cost $12.00.  It was pretty good.  It focused on  about 10 of the parks.  I have visited most of the parks featured but many of the views were shot from planes or helicopter so it was a very different perspective.  It was narrated by Robert Redford.

I had a little lunch before leaving Branson.  I stopped in Springfield at Camping World and At Home.  I arrived at Mom and Dad’s just before 6:00pm in time to set down to family dinner for Father’s Day.

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