Saturday, Oct 15, 2016 – Perfect Weather in Holiday World

The weather was perfect today.  It reached 80 degrees and sunny with a nice breeze all day.

The campground was bustling this morning with all kinds of activities and golf cars zooming everywhere.  Holiday World is open 11 am to 8 pm today.   I walked down the road to locate the shuttle to go to Holiday World.  Below is a picture from my end of the campground, across the lake to Holiday World behind the trees.  To walk from my site, around the lake and to the front entrance is probably about a mile.





Holiday World does not charge a parking fee, has free sunscreen and free soft drinks.  There are soft drink stations all over the park and several sunscreen stations.  The park opened in 1945 as Santa Claus Land and has changed to 4 lands and a water park.

There is Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and 4th of July.  It is a nice little theme park.  Very good for families.  It is a little hilly.  I enjoyed my time there today on a beautiful day.  I don’t know what the price is during regular season but it is $34,99 for adults during Halloween weekends.





Corn – Corn – Corn!

Moving on tomorrow.


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