Sunday, Oct, 16, 2016 – Miles & Miles on I-64 East

Today was just miles and miles of driving.  It was a beautiful, warm day for it.

I left Santa Claus, IN at 9:00 am where it was 68 degrees and sunny.  I drove a total of 509 miles with 492 of them on I-64 East.  There is not a lot to see along the stretch and not much of it is very flat.  Up and down, up and down.  Thru Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and finally Virginia.  West Virginia is where it really started getting steeper on the ups and downs.

There was a lovely full moon.  I arrived at the KOA campground in Natural Bridge, VA at 9:00 pm.  It was 63 degrees and lovely.  I don’t love setting up in the dark but it was not bad.  A great temperature, a full moon and quite a bit of light.  It is way better than setting up in 95 degree sun and humidity which I have done before.

This campground is in a wooded setting.  I don’t stay in too many KOA’s.  They generally cost more.  They usually have quite a few amenities for children.  With tax I am paying $42.67 per night here.  It is water and electric, cable and wifi.  No sewer hook up at the site.  One thing that bugs me is the site is not level.  For $42 per night I should not have to level my trailer.  The whole campground is on rolling hills so I don’t think any of them are level.



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