Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016 – Blue Ridge Parkway

I packed up and left the campground at 9:45am.  Another lovely, lovely warm sunny day.  I drove four miles south to see the Natural Bridge.  It is a 215- foot tall limestone natural bridge.  A two lane highway runs right on top of it.  Thomas Jefferson once owned the bridge and surrounding area.  It recently became a Virginia State Park.  There are lovely walking trails beside cascading waters.  Very natural and peaceful.  It was $8 to visit.  You purchase your ticket, then walk down 137 steps.  They are uneven, odd sized and rarely the same.    Thankfully after all your exploring, you get to ride a shuttle bus back up the hill.


I continue south and drove through Roanoke, VA to continue on the Parkway.  Lovely trees full of autumn leaves, leaves swirling on the road as you drive along.  There are many places to pull over and take in the views.  It is all two lane and the maximum speed is 45 with some places slower.



One time I came down a hill, around a curve and a car was sitting dead still in the middle of the road taking a picture.  Thankfully I was able to stop.  The crowds are pretty light on a Tuesday.  The weekends are pretty crazy during fall as I understand.

So the Blue Ridge Parkway starts in Waynesboro, VA.  That is milepost 0.  Last night at Natural Bridge, VA I was near milepost 60.  About milepost 218 you leave Virginia and enter North Carolina.  There is quite a difference in the road condition between the states.  Apparently Virginia has more money to spend on the parkway.  Tonight I am at Raccoon Holler Campground near milepost 257.  I arrived at 7:30 pm in the dark once again.   I have had no cell service since about 2:00 pm or so.   I am only here overnight.

Weather predictions are good for the next couple of days but a cold front is moving in on Friday.


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