Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016 – Moving on to Asheville, NC

Left Raccoon Holler Campground about 9:45 this morning. That was a beautiful campground. I am sorry I was there only overnight. I would definitely stay there again.
Another lovely, warm sunny day. I had read that the bottom half of the parkway was the best park and I have to agree. There was also more people on the parkway today than I saw the previous days. The views are so lovely and my pictures cannot reflect the beauty.
I pulled off the parkway at lunchtime for gas and there was a Chic-fil-a right there. I enjoyed my favorite chicken sandwich.


I arrived at Taps RV Park in Asheville, NC about 4:00pm. This is a small park with 49 sites inside the city limits. I unhooked and zoomed down the rode a few miles to do a little shopping and had dinner at McAlister’s Deli.
My tv has not been picking up cable stations in the last few days so I pulled everything off the bed, pulled the mattress off so I could raise the bed frame to get to the compartment underneath to investigate the cable line situation. Let me tell you….this was not easy in a trailer the size of mine and it is a good thing that I have a foam mattress that bends. I believe that my cable wire has gotten bent or something so I replaced it and everything seems to be back to normal.

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