Friday, Oct. 21, 2016 – Cold, Windy and Light Rain

Boy am I glad I chose Thursday to visit Biltmore instead of today.

My original plan for today was to take the hop on/off tour and wander around downtown.  They have a pretty developed downtown with funky shops, food, art deco architecture, etc.

Well,  this morning it was 55 degrees, with 30 mile per hour winds and spitting rain.  This chick did not think that sounded like a great plan any more.  So, I made a quick drive through downtown where I saw a lot of shivering tourists on the sidewalks then went shopping for the afternoon and then had a pedicure.

I stopped at this hole in the wall BBQ place for a sandwich for lunch.  You know you are in the south when you order a turkey BBQ sandwich and they ask not if you want slaw with the sandwich but if you want slaw on the sandwich.  Ewwww!

The store I most enjoyed was a department store called “Hamricks”.  They had great prices.  I also went to A C Moore which is similar to Michaels.

Then I decided before heading back to the trailer to pick up a sandwich.  I had noticed a fast food place called “Cook Out”.  They advertise great hamburgers so I decided to give it a try.  Once again you know you are in the south when one of the side options for a hamburger is Hush Puppies.  Another odd thing,  when you pull up to order for drive thru, you choose to go in the left lane or the right lane and they split around the building so if you are in the left lane, you actually pay and get your food through the passenger side window.  fyi – the burger was really good and they offer grilled onions which I enjoy on my burger.

It was really chilly, gusting winds and slightly raining when I arrived back at the trailer about 6:15pm or so.  Moving on tomorrow.


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