Thursday, Mar. 2, 2017 – Disney After Hours

I left the hotel about 11:00am for some lunch and shopping.  Warm and sunny with a high of 86 degrees.  I was back at the hotel about 4:15pm.

At 5:30pm I left for Magic Kingdom.  Disney has offered a special ticketed event for a few nights called Disney After Hours.  I think it is a trial program.  For $119 plus tax each, a maximum of 3,000 people are allowed to stay in the park for three hours after park closing.  Almost all of the rides are open and you get free water, soda, popcorn and ice cream treats as part of the package.  So you are actually allowed into the park any time after 4:00pm but your special benefits don’t begin until 9:00pm.


So I arrived at Magic Kingdom about 6:00pm.  I had some dinner, rode a couple of rides, wondered through some shops, saw a show, watched Wished and Once Upon A Time before the 9:00pm park closing.


Lego Disney Castle – $349.99 – over 4000 pieces




From 9:00pm till midnight basically all the rides are walk on.  I rode fifteen rides in three hours.  It was windy so it was a little cool but not bad.  It was so nice to not have any crowds and no waiting in line.  It was fun and I would do it again.

I left Magic Kingdom at 12:15am, rode the ferry back to the parking lot, rode the tram back to my car and was in my room at 1:00am.

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