Monday, Mar. 6, 2017 – Gardens of the World

I left for EPCOT about 8:15am.  I went on the 9:00am tour “Gardens of the World”.  This tour walks the park and talks about the flowers on display and what it takes to put on the Flower & Garden Festival each year.  They do not grow any flowers from seed.  They order their plants from vendors as much as a year in advance.  She showed us how they make the many topiaries they display.  It was interesting but not the best tour I have ever taken.  The cost for this tour was $77.  The tour lasted until 12:15pm.  At the end we rec’d a special pin that only tour participants receive.  Here are some photos taken while on the tour.



After the tour I had fish and chips from the fish shop in the United Kingdom land.  The fish is so good there.  I have it every trip.  I left EPCOT about 2:30 for a break.  I left “the world” to have some dinner at Sweet Tomatoes.  The food was very good.    I went back to EPCOT at 8:00pm to continue my visit and enjoy the 9:00pm “Illuminations” show.  The weather was nice all day and it was a lovely evening as well.

Here are a few photos from my evening:


I left EPCOT at 10:00pm and was back in the room at 10:30pm.



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