Wednesday, Mar. 8, 2017 – Home Again

I left the hotel at 6:30am.  It is about an hour by the time you stop to pay tolls and you stop to gas up your rental car and get in the correct lane to return your rental car.

I had the car for 8 days and I paid $210.00.  Just like everything else, rental cars are not as cheap as they used to be either.  That was a great deal in comparison with everything else I looked at.  I checked many, many times over the weeks before the trip.  I will say that I love having a rental car.  I just enjoy the freedom of being able to wander wherever I want, to shop, to eat and the peace and quiet of the car versus riding the Disney buses.

The weather was pretty nice during my week with some wind most days and a few sprinkles.  The first couple of days were pretty warm at 85 & 86 and then 74 to 78 on the remaining days.

The value resort “All Star Sports” I chose was a fine choice for what I needed.  The room was clean, the water was hot and the TV worked.  Any noise I heard was during acceptable hours.  As expected the “food court” restaurant area was chaos.  I tried it a couple of times and then made other choices.  The food is not very good and the crowds and noise level are too much for me.

The best part of the stay was the location of my room.  Here is a map of the resort:


On the left side you see building 2 – Hoops Hotel.  When you reserve your resort you can make a couple of vague requests.  I requested the Hoops area and ground floor so that I could be close to parking.  I very happy with my room 2133.  It was ground floor and the room closest to the parking lot.  I was able to walk between my room and my car less distance than when I go to Wal-Mart at home.  It was great!


Hotel View from my car



My room was the first room



View of the parking lot from in front of my room

Over the week I noticed a few major differences from my visit two years ago.

  1.  Leggings – I have never seen so many women and girls wearing leggings in my life.  Especially the athletic sport leggings.
  2.  Cell Phone Apps – In a short two years, apps have drastically changed how you visit Disney World.  First, you have the official Disney app.  All your reservations and daily fast passes are accessible on this app as well as many other things.  It will tell you the nearest bathroom to where you are, etc, etc, etc.  Then Disney has a Park shopping app.  If you see a shirt you like in a store but they do not have your size the app will tell you where you can find it in your size.  Of course you can use it to purchase items when you get home as well.  Then there are 3rd party apps.  I used touring lines.  It tells you what the official posted wait time for all Disney rides is and the “real” wait time.
  3. Texting instead of speaking….the one good thing about texting is you no longer have to hear other people having phone conversations all day.  Of course, selfies are still hugely popular.
  4. Alcohol – I never saw anyone drunk or tipsy but I did see a lot of alcoholic drinks.  It seems like almost every drink and snack place serves some kind of alcoholic drinks now including many specialty cocktails “themed” to the area you are visiting.   When you are waiting to see a nighttime show, you used to see people having popcorn and cokes.  Now you see many, many adult beverages being consumed.  Beer, wine and cocktails range from $7 to $10 each.  I had ice cream one evening and they even had a root beer float made with “hard” root beer.


So my flight was at 9:40am.  It took a long time to get on board.  They had seven people in wheelchairs to load first.  Back in KC about noon.  Made a few stops along the way home.  Then home safe and sound.  Once again I am always astounded by flying.  It is so incredible that you can be in one place at 9:30am and a mere three hours later you are 1200 miles away.

I will spend the next month getting the EggCamper ready for my first road trip of 2017 in late April.

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