Sunday, May 28, 2017 – Royal Gorge Railroad

Today I rode the Royal Gorge Railroad at 12:30pm.  There are four “classes” of service that range in price from $44 to $109 each.  Coach, Club, Vista Dome and First Class Lunch – Vista Dome.

I chose the cheapest.  It was a two hour trip.  They have food menus to order from and a lot of alcohol and beer options.  They had a beer flight and a wine flight.  For anyone that does not know what that means –  you get a small portion of several types of beer or wine.  If you order food in coach, they bring you a tray to eat your food off of.

So the seats are in sets of tow with two facing forward and two facing backward.  So you can be sitting face to face and knee to knee with strangers.

You have reserved seats and when I got on I was seated with a mother and two young boys.  The mother and I looked at each and both were thinking “Oh NO!”

There were empty seats and I wasted no time in asking to move.

So the train moves very slowly a few miles with rocks on one side and the Arkansas river on the other side.  The train does not turn around so the people on the rock side see the same both ways only one way looking forward and one way looking backward and the same with the river side.  There are a couple of open air cars that you can go into.  It was very enjoyable in the open air car.  It was a beautiful day.  Most people wanted to be in the open air car and it was a battle to get to the railing to see the river.

We saw a lot of rafters.  It is very popular here and there are a lot of raft companies.  We also went under the Royal Gorge Bridge.

So it was a pleasant ride but not exciting.  Anyone with young children should choose another option for spending their vacation dollars and the young children were getting nothing out of it.  The mother had her hands full with the two children, they were bored and noisy.

Here are some photos from my trip:


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