Friday, June 2, 2017 – Really? – Feeling thankful

Time to head for home.  It is just over 1000 miles between Moab and home.  For my preferred travel style, that is a 3 day trip.  Then you have to look at RV/Campground options for the trip.    I also look at any interesting stops I might want to make along the way and after all they I make my plan.

So my plan was for day 1 to be a short trip day, day 2 a long, long day and day 3 a medium day.

I left Moab about noon and headed for Grand Junction, CO.  This is about a 115 mile drive.  I had already reserved my site for the night at KOA, Silt, CO.  It was only about an hour east of Grand Junction.

About 2:00pm I stopped at the mall in Grand Junction.  I shopped a little and had a snack. I got back in my car just before 4:00pm and when I turned the car on and an indicator light came on showing a tire issue.  I got out and my left rear tire was half flat and I could hear air escaping.  So, now what.  I turned on my GPS and searched for auto services.  There was a Firestone Auto Care one block away.

I drove there and went in.  They were swamped.  I talked to a nice young man that said it would be at least two hours before they could even take a look.  He said he would try calling another tire place.  I had purchased the tires at Discount Tire originally so I asked him if they would happen to have one of those in Grand Junction.  They actually did!

So the nice Firestone guys put 20 pounds of air in the tire and I drove five miles down the road to Discount Tire.  They were so nice.  What great customer service I had there.  They were also swamped but put me in the line with everyone else.  So I unhitched the trailer in the lot, took my book into the waiting room and at 6:00pm they told me they were done.  I had a nail in the tire.  As we walked outside, one of the employees already had the car hitched and was putting on the chains.  When I asked about payment, they said there was no charge.  Wow!!

I drove on to Silt, CO to the KOA and arrived about 7:30pm.


So….. it was a good day to have a short day planned and it was great to have it happen in the middle of a large town (pop. 60,000) during the day and even better to happen in a town that has a Discount Tire location.

So while I never want to have a flat tire, I am thankful for the good parts.

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