#198 – Saturday, June 3, 2017 – Up, Up, Up, Over, Down, Down, Down – Repeat

I left Silt, CO about 9:45am.  The stretch of I-70 through that part of Colorado is a beautiful drive through the Rocky Mountains. The road itself is in terrible shape.  Not only is the road full of holes, many times the paint is missing and you can’t even tell where your lane is.

You pass through the Eisenhower Tunnel at an elevation of 11,158 and it is 1.7 miles long.  You also cross Vail Pass at an elevation of 10,666 feet.

So….I left the campground that morning where the elevation was 5,456, then spent three hours going up, up, up and down, down, down.  You do get to see the Colorado river running along the highway quite a bit of the time.


I stopped in Dillon, CO (elevation 9,111) for a lunch break.  Here are some views from the restaurant and the parking lot.


By Denver you are at an elevation of 5,280 and the eastern half of Colorado is pretty flat.

Moving on to eastern Colorado.


Then you cross into Kansas.  Now here was a beautiful highway.  It must have recently been resurfaced.


I arrived at the KOA in Wakeeney, KS (elevation 2,447) at 8:30pm after driving 475 miles.

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