Friday, Nov 3, 2017 – Enjoying the day

I have been to Memphis, TN a couple of times before.  My plan was to just hang out and go to the Memphis Botanic Garden.  Welllllllll, it was overcast, foggy and drizzly all day.

After the morning thunderstorm, I left the trailer at 11:00am.

So I drove by Graceland and by Beale Street.  I stopped to see the World Largest Bass Pro Shop, Memphis Pyramid.  The pyramid was a concert/entertainment venue before Bass Pro purchased it.  They did a great job with the effects.  It was a little too dark in places to shop.  I had lunch there in one of the restaurants.  The lunch was good but the portion was way too large.

The weather was not getting any better so I decided to drive down to Tunica, MS to the casinos.  It is about a 30 minute drive.  I had never been there.  So, before you actually get to Tunica, you reach the casinos north of Tunica in Robinsonville.

I stopped at Sam’s Town Casino.  I spent a couple of hours there.  I put in $20, played about for 90 minutes and left the casino with $105.  Not bad.

Drove thru light rain and drizzle back to trailer.  Back about 7:00pm.


Can you tell how foggy it was?


Bass Pro


Bass Pro


Who has a $300 pink cooler on their Christmas list? I know where you can get one…


Bass Pro

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