Sunday, March 4, 2018 – More Turtle, Less Rabbit

We were up early to see the sunrise this morning.  Lovely.  It was too chilly to sit on the balcony so I just pulled the patio chair inside for Mom to watch out the window.  We are on the 6th floor and have lovely full windows in the living room and the master bedroom.




We have rented condos in this building twice before.  We love the location and the views here.  You are direct ocean front and normally you get to watch the cars driving on the beach.

There is a high surf warning for several days and at high tide the water is coming clear up the sea wall.  At low tide you did see a few cars but not many today.


This is the view looking right from our balcony.


In the middle is the beach ramp where you normally drive on to the beach.


Here is the beach access from the pool area at our condo. At high tide today, you would walk right into the surf.


This is the view looking left from our balcony.

We drove over to the Daytona Flea & Farmers Market that is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  They have 1000 booths.  More “stuff” than you can imagine.  We purchased a few items and I rented a portable mobility scooter for Mom to use this week.

We had some lunch and then made a short stop at the Museum of Arts & Science here in Daytona.  I had read about an exhibit there I thought we would all enjoy.  Mom has a large Coca-Cola item collection at home.  She probably has 1000 items.  We are in the process of selling the collection as she prepares to sell the house.

We enjoyed The Root Family Museum- established in late 2001 and features one of the largest Coca-Cola memorabilia collections in the world, an immense collection of teddy bears, Indy Series race cars, train cars, and other popular Americana.

With every imaginable item relating to the bottling, advertising, and consumption of Coca-Cola in their collection, the Root family has collected one of the most historically important compilations of the infamous American soft drink on which their family fortune was founded. Through a selection of glass bottles representing the changing trends in bottling over the decades, this exhibit chronicles the transition of the Root Family Glass Works into associated Coca-Cola, the largest independent Coca-Cola bottler in the nation. This collection includes everything Coca-Cola, from the evolution of the Coca-Cola vending machines to the science behind the construction of the Coca-Cola bottle.


So while we were enjoying the museum Mom had to make a U-turn and go back when we reached some stairs.  Well she got a little wild with the scooter and about ran in to something.  In the picture below you see the handle on the scooter.  On the left is a picture of a turtle and on the right is a picture of a rabbit.  The higher you turn it up, the faster you can go when you pull the lever.

When Mom got a little carried away, I said we need a little more turtle and a little less rabbit.  You had to be there, but it was pretty funny at the moment and so that is the title for the day.



We made one more stop and then went back to the condo to just hang out (take a nap).  About 7:00pm we went around the corner for dinner at a local Italian restaurant.  It was very good.

It was a very nice day.  Sunny but windy and only reached about 65 degrees today.

1 thought on “Sunday, March 4, 2018 – More Turtle, Less Rabbit

  1. I can relate to the turtle and rabbit, Doug had one of those scooters. That’s hilarious! We’ll have to start calling her the energized bunny. Lol. Beautiful pictures@

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