Wednesday, March 7, 2018 – Sun, Fun and St. Augustine

This morning we walked on the beach and enjoyed the sun and waves.  So nice!!


Screenshot (9)

About 11:00 we left the condo to drive north to St. Augustine.  It was a 57 mile drive.  You can take I-95 or you can drive along the coast on A1A.  We took the coastal route that takes about an hour and a half.  You drive thru a lot of seaside communities on mostly two lane highway.  Quite a few miles of the drive, you are literally driving right next to the ocean.

We stopped for a delicious lunch in St. Augustine then rode the Old Town Trolley tour for 90 minutes.  The weather was nice and it was an interesting tour.

We drove back to Daytona Beach Shores with a few stops along the way.

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