Saturday, March 10, 2018 – Home again

Mom & I ate breakfast on the balcony.  It was the warmest morning of the week.  We just sat and enjoyed the Saturday morning beach activity and the sunshine for an hour or so.

We made one more walk on the beach and sat again and watched the activity ramping up for the day on the beach.  We left the condo at 10:00am.

We made a stop at Bealls Department Store, had lunch and then drove on to Orlando airport.

Just as I pulled off five miles from the airport for the gas fill up in the rental car I rec’d a text saying our flight was delayed from 4:25pm to 5:05pm.

We arrived at car rental return just before 2:00pm.  Just before time to board they moved the flight departure to 4:55pm.  After we were boarded and ready to go, there was a mechanical issue that delayed us to a 5:25pm departure.

Most of the flight we had turbulence.

Finally, we arrived safely at home.

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