Friday, May 18, 2018 – RVillage Rally – Day Two

Started the day with free donuts and then the first seminar of the day was “The Secrets of RVillage”. This is the company hosting this rally. They want to be the facebook of RV’ers. They started in 2014. The founder said it cost $2 million dollars to start and is currently costing them $35,000 a month to run.

Second seminar at 10:30am was “Connectivity on the Road”. As we all know in our world today, cell phone coverage and wifi availability is almost necessary to daily living. Wifi at the campgrounds is generally terrible. The presenter talked about products that extend coverage and the best data plans available for unlimited use.

At noon I left the campground for some lunch and shopping. I went to a store called “Linton’s Enchanted Gardens”. Very cute. Lots of cute little buildings, a train to ride, a petting zoo all among all the items you can purchase.


This gnome was 8 ft tall and sale priced at $1,673.00

At 3:00pm I attended my third seminar of the day – “RV Inspections, What, Why and How do I get one!” This one was pretty dry. The presenter is an inspector you can hire. It was mostly a sales job to hire him. I can see if you were going to buy a $100,000 used motorhome that spending a $1,000 on an inspection could be worth it. The thing that got me was that they don’t actually inspect anything to do with the engine. You have to go to a qualified RV mechanic for that in addition.

There was supposed to be an ice cream social at 4:00pm. Then they said at 5:00. Then it started to rain so I just said “forget ice cream”. I left the campground to wander around the town and brought back a salad for dinner in the trailer.

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