#215 – Monday, May 21, 2018 – Time to leave for home

Time to head for home

Left Elkhart about 10:30am.  About 3:00pm I stopped in a small town called Casey, Illinois. They are known for having eight of the world’s largest items.

56 ft windchime, 32 ft, 6 in rocking chair, 32 ft, 6.5 in mail box, 30 ft golf tee, 60 ft pitchfork, 11 ft 5.5 in long wooden shoes, 13 ft knitting needles and 6 ft crochet hook.  They also have other big things.  Every big thing has a bible verse.




The chair is beautiful up close.  It looks like a high quality wooden chair for your home.



The view from inside the mail box

Moved on to Vandalia, IL where I am overnighting in a tiny 12 site campground just off I-70.    351 miles today.

Settled in about 6:00pm. Used my air conditioner for the first time this trip for a few hours this evening.

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