Saturday, May 19, 2018 – RVillage Rally – Day Three

First seminar of the day at 9:00am was “Detailing the Outside of Your RV”. It was okay but it was mostly a sales presentation for the microfiber products the presenter sells at the rally.

Second seminar of the day at 10:30am was “RV Tire Safety”. It was pretty interesting as I don’t know much about tires. The presenter retired from the tire industry and was a product researcher/tester. He is passionate about tire safety. One thing I learned was that when it says max psi on your tire with the pounds you should have in it, that is actually the correct amount to have in it. I always thought you should make sure to never go over that. If it says max 50 then you should have 50 in it. He has a very informative website –

They have a catering company that has been here every day selling lunch options. Today I tried them out and had a very tasty brisket sandwich and apple pie.

Third seminar of the day at 1:30pm was “Boondocking on the Road”. Boondocking is when you are camping without hookups and is most often free camping. Examples are staying overnight in a Wal-Mart parking lot, a friend’s driveway, government/state land that allows this, etc. There are a couple of companies that are coming up with some organized options for this. One of them is “Boondockers Welcome”. They were the presenters today. You pay an annual fee then you have access to lists of people that have signed up to be boondocker hosts at their homes. Most of the hosts are RV’ers as well. Some of them just have a driveway for you to park in and some of them have a large property with full hook ups available. There is no fee to the hosts from the boondocker but if you do stay somewhere with hook ups, courtesy generally means leaving a few dollars for the electricity and water costs. One host said every boondocker she hosted has brought a gift of wine, candy, etc. This was my favorite seminar so far.

Fourth seminar of the day at 3:00pm was “RV Hot Skin”. Which is a bad electricity problem that can kill you. The presenter was an interesting man named Mike Sokol.

This was interesting for the first 45 minutes until the attendees kept asking questions pertinent to their own RV and dragged things off course.

Later I talked to a lady here with a Casita (similar to my EggCamper). She has been full-time in her Casita since 2009.

I skipped the potluck, band and fire central and went to Meijer (like Target) and Menards instead.  It lightly rained off and on today and it did not get very warm. Pretty dreary day.


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