Tuesday, May 22, 2018 – Home Again

Left Kaskaskia Dragon RV Park, Vandalia, IL about 10:00am.


Stopped in Columbia, Mo for lunch at Chick fil a. One more gas stop along the way.

Home at 5:30pm aft 348 miles.  Total miles in tow about 1350 for the trip.

A few unusual things along the way. A semi-trailer truck was on fire on the opposite side of the interstate. It must have just started as the driver was climbing out as the flames were licking the gas tank. Then later traffic was stalled and eventually came upon a 3 car accident. Looked like fender benders.
Then 8 miles from home a live peacock was on the side of the road. I travel that highway often and I have never seen that before.


Elkhart 2

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