Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018 – Heading for home

Woke this morning to the sound of raindrops on the roof.  I knew that there would be no balloons flying today.  Today is the last day of nine days and many balloonists had already left early.  I am sure the pilots were in no mood to deal with light rain.  So it was officially announced that the morning flight was cancelled and the fiesta was done for 2018.

So the last couple of days the weather forecasters here have been warning about the weather coming on Sunday and Monday to eastern NM, northern TX and Oklahoma.

I decided that based on the predictions I could get to Amarillo before the freezing rain started.  I made a reservation yesterday afternoon for a spot in Amarillo RV Ranch.  I could not get in the park I stayed in on the way out.

I hooked up and pulled out at 9:00am in 53 degree weather.  I made it about 90 minutes before light rain started.  The rest of the trip was light rain, sometimes fog, increasing winds and colder weather.

I arrived at the RV park about 3:30 or so.  I drove 292 miles today.  Time change back from Mountain time so I lost an hour.  It was 34 degrees and windy when I arrived.  I was happy I had a reservation as they were full and turning away people.

When I parked and went in the trailer it was 44 degrees inside the trailer.   As I write this at 10:00pm, it is 29 degrees outside with 24 mph winds.  Gusts rock the trailer every few minutes.  With the wind, it is brutally cold tonight especially for mid-October.

This rv park is owned by “The Big Texan”, a Texas themed steakhouse/brewery/gift shop that also owns a motel, a zipline, etc, etc. that advertises a lot in and around Amarillo.  One of their hooks is that they provide free shuttles between the local motels, hotels and rv parks.  Between 4-9pm each evening they have old limos that shuttle you back and forth.  So I scheduled for a 6 pm pick up.

So at 6:20pm my limo arrived…..


So the food was good and the service was good.  Things bogged down when it came time to leave.  There were about 15 people ready to leave and no limos.  Once you get in a limo, all the people are not going to the same area, so you get to ride along to other stops.  I would consider the experience one and done and would probably just stop for some take out on the way to the park if I were to visit Amarillo again.




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