Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018 – Home Sweet Home

I left Tulsa this morning about 11:00am.  It was warming up and much less windy than the previous few days.  Nice sunny drive.

I stopped in Joplin for a little lunch.  I saw the sign for Chick-Fil-A so I must have my favorite chicken sandwich.  I am always impressed with their customer service but wow on what I saw today.


I have seen them taking orders in the drive thru lanes before with Ipads but now they have actually put up carport covers and they had propane heaters out there.

They were running two lanes under the covers and third just beside the covers.  The first two lanes merged in to the drive thru pick up window and the third lane pulls to a designated stop in the parking lot.

At the pick up window, there were three employees taking completed orders from the window and handing them to the cars.  If the food belonged to the third lane in the parking lot, they “ran” the food to the car.  Then once people got their food order, they pulled up a few feet to another employee with a five shelf cart filled with all the condiments, sauces, etc that one might need and asked for whatever they might want.

I finished my nice sunny 207 mile drive by stopping at Mom’s before heading home and unloading the trailer.  Last trip for 2018.

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