Sunday, April 14, 2019 – Living on the corner of Let It Ride Lane and High Roller Avenue!

Well it was rainy and windy all night last night.  Left Joplin this morning about 9:45am.

The drive today was lovely, sunny and uneventful.  I drove 310 miles to WinStar World Casino and Resort in Thackerville, OK.  It is just across the line from Texas at Exit 1.  This casino is the closest casino to Dallas.  Dallas is 81 miles south.  This is supposedly the largest casino the country.  It is huge and very confusing.  They have over 7000 slot machines.  I arrived about 4:45pm.

I am staying at the FunTown RV Park that is part of their complex.  When you sign up for the players card you get a free night at the RV park.  Score!  It is a very nice park.  I like my little corner spot.  I am on the corner of Let It Ride Lane and High Roller Avenue.


Over the winter I ordered the Canadian decal to add on my trailer and put on the stickers of the two Canadian provinces I stayed in last year.


About 6:00pm I walked over to the shuttle stop and only had to wait a couple of minutes for the shuttle.  After I arrived at the casino, I stopped at one of the restaurants and had a pretty good salad for $9.00.  Then I wondered thru part of the casino.  It has a very confusing layout and is very, very dark.  Of course it is smoky as well.  I put $20 in a slot machine that looked interesting.  I won on that machine and then wandered to play several interesting machines and kept winning.  So it was fun but I had breathed all the smoke I could take after an hour I cashed out, got an ice cream cone and took the shuttle back to the RV park.  So I started with $20 and ended with $252.99.  If only I could do that every time.


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