Monday, April 15, 2019 – Listening to the ocean waves………..

Long day today.  Left Thackerville about 9:00am this morning.  I stopped in a suburb of Fort Worth for an appointment I had.  There are only a couple of guys that professionally do modifications, custom work and repairs on the little fiberglass trailers such as mine.  One in Texas and one in Florida.  They mostly work on Casita trailers.  Since I was going to be fairly close I wanted them to take a look and see if they could add shocks to my trailer.  None of the fiberglass trailers come with shocks.  This means that the stuff in the back end of the trailer really bounces around.  So that took longer than I planned.

Continued south on this lovely sunny day.  Unfortunately it was very windy today and I was driving right in to it.  Rough on the gas mileage today.   After 430 miles today, I arrived in Galveston at the Dellanera RV Park at 8:00pm.  Warm and windy.

This is the same park I camped in on my previous trip to Galveston.  It is small, oceanfront, with level concrete pads and just on the edge of town.  It is pretty inexpensive for oceanfront camping.  Mon thru Thurs it is $42 and Fri/Sat it is $57.

So I am parked and set for the week.  I am watching TV and listening to the roar of the waves.  It is currently 68 degrees at 10:30pm.






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