Sunday, April 21, 2019 -Moving on from Galveston to San Antonio

This morning I left lovely, sunny Galveston along with thousands of others.  It was like night and day to look at the beaches from yesterday morning to this morning.  I expect much of yesterday’s crowd were day trippers from Houston.  Houston is only an hour from Galveston so I expect it is a common trip for Houstonians to run down to Galveston for the day.  I did not see many license plates outside of Texas plates in Galveston.

It is about 250 miles from Galveston to San Antonio.  It was a nice day for the drive.  I stopped at a couple of the famous Buc-ee’s along the way and they were wall to wall people.  Here is a link to an article about Buc-ee’s –    I left about 10am and after a few stops along the way I arrived at the Alamo City RV Park about 5 pm.

It is very warm and muggy here.  It reached 86 degrees today.   This is a good sized park inside a large city.  It is surrounded by industrial areas and some rough looking residential neighbors.  There are 160 sites and it is completely gated.  I am right in the middle of the park and only two sites from the office so I feel safe.  I have a nice shade tree that will help as it is supposed to be pretty warm all week.

Here is a picture of my site:


I will say that I have never had such enthusiastic customer service at an RV park.  Two older guys were staffing the office.  One walked me out and showed me the site they had chosen for me and asked if that would be okay.  That is unusual.  Generally it is just…here is your site number…here is your map.  Then after registering me, he walked me out to the gate code opener and had me try my code to make sure it worked.  Then the second guy spent 15 minutes telling me exactly the best way to get around and showing me on a map all the places I must see and then handed me brochures for everything he things is a must.  They aren’t even selling tickets to anything simply trying to make sure you are fully informed.

Cost here is $50 per night with $5 off for my Good Sam membership so $45 per night.

I had to turn on my air conditioner tonight.  First time this trip I have had it on.  My TV options are much better here.  In Galveston you have to pull in stations from Houston so I was only getting a couple of the good channels.  Here in the middle of a city I have more options with my little antenna square.  So far the wifi is much better here than in Galveston.  In Galveston sometimes the park wifi worked and sometimes I had to use my phone as a hot spot.

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