Monday, April 22, 2019 – Remember the Alamo

So I tried out the bus system today.  City bus #24 stops right at the front gate of the park.  I rode it downtown and walked 2 blocks to the Alamo area.  I toured the Alamo (very small), had lunch, rode the riverwalk boat and just wandered around the area.  I did try riding one of the hundreds of rental scooters you rent by the minute.  You just download their app, put in your info, pick a scooter close to you and ride.  You can just get off and leave it where you want to when you are done.  It was fun but it would be more fun in an area without all the people in your way.



Currently it is Fiesta festival in San Antonio.  I had purchased a ticket before I went for a seat to watch the River Parade.  I located my seat (which was not easy) and settled in for the 7:00pm parade.  To find your seat, you had to wander along to find your area, box, row and seat.  There was no signage or anyone assisting and the seat stickers were on the front of the seats.  This meant you wandered along aimlessly pulling back chairs every so often trying to figure out where your area might be and which direction to go.  It became quite comical to watch the “chair search dance” as you watched each group go thru the same process moving back and forth, moving chairs, asking people what their chair number was.  Below is a picture of the sticker.  They were about 3 inches tall.


Unfortunately it was about 7:45pm before it actually came by.  Apparently there is quite a production of presentation and speakers at the beginning that you don’t see unless you are sitting in that section.


The young lady next to me was very informative.  The floats are various charitable organizations or businesses and they must have a theme.  There were 51 floats in the parade.  All of them also has music playing (very loudly) with either a live band or a sound system.   It is tradition for business, charities and even individuals to have Fiesta medals made each year and then generally are sold with the money going to a charity.  People collect these year after year.  Some people wear sashes with a lot of these medals attached and they clank when they walk by.  There are also many private parties along the parade route as well.  Most of the restaurants along the route also offer special dinner packages you can reserve.  The parade was interesting but I think one time would be enough.

After the parade I finally found the bus stop for the #24 bus.  Had to wait 20 minutes for the bus and it is about a 20 minute ride back to the campground.  I got back to the trailer about 10:30pm.  Weather was very nice today.  So I tried the bus but I did not care for it.  I will be going back to my own car.

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