Wednesday, April 24, 2019 -Showers today

This afternoon I went to Texas Thrift.  It is a large thrift store.  It was very messy in some areas.  Looked around for any organization/display ideas and checked out their prices.

I had a late lunch and then went to a Goodwill Clearance Center.  I had heard of them but never been to one.  I saw a billboard yesterday advertising this one.  Well….it was interesting.  There were rows of large blue tables on wheels.  They kind of looked like jon boats on wheels.  There were probably 200 people there.  There is not a lot of organization.  Clothes were in tables in one row and the other stuff just looked pretty mixed up.  It literally is just dumped in.  You can tell the serious regulars – they wear gloves as they sort thru stuff.  People were filling up carts and then parking them against the wall and getting another empty cart.  So I saw people lining up behind a line.  One of the employees was very serious about rules with them.  She first went along and made everyone get behind the line then she shouted out the rules twice, no running, shoving, etc, etc and then made people move back more.  It looked like it was the Olympics or something.   Then she let them go at about 12 new tables of stuff that had been pushed out and wow!  You know what it looks like when you watch kids at a public easter egg hunt with their baskets when they tell them to go.  Think adults with large containers (ikea bags, plastic totes, etc) running and furiously sorting thru piles of stuff elbow to elbow like they are digging for gold.

I stayed out of the way of that mess.  I ended up buying one book for 27 cents.  I wandered thru a few other interesting stores and went back to the trailer.

It rained on and off most of the day and cooled down.  I have had the air conditioner on since I arrived and yet tonight I have the heat on.

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